4th of July Family Bash

Big family portraits are sometimes a little overwhelming and trying to get everyone to look at the same time takes a lot of clicks, but this family was perfect. Everyone was decked out in red, white, and blue for the holiday. If you know Mr. Hines, you know he’s a lover of classic cars and they were the star of the show. I had so much fun with the Hines family, thanks for sharing your holiday weekend with me!


Snow Cone Minis Part 2

Oh these girls. Their color filled dresses, their big giant bows, and their sweet giggles. I’m a boy mom through and through, but these girls were so much fun. These images are definitely some of my favorite from 2017.


On January 1st, I decided I would document my family more. The real moments. The every day stuff. Many photographers and moms do a 365 Project, taking a photo a day, but I knew I would never be able to keep up. I try to get a few shots a month and I’m lucky to make that happen.

It is now officially summer break. One kid went right back for summer school today, but my little guy is stuck at home with mom. First thing this morning he needed milk (to go with the cereal and muffin he didn’t eat), so I thought why not use my favorite Starbucks mugs that never get used. After his non-breakfast, he wanted to watch Harry Potter with his animals. Now it’s nap time. 🙂

Surprise Mountaintop Proposal

I love surprises. I love getting gifts unexpectedly. I love giving gifts unexpectedly. I love surprising people.

So when few months ago, my friend Thad texted me to say that he was wanting to propose to his girlfriend, and would I be available to document it, I jumped at the chance.

We had the whole thing set up, and of course, Oklahoma weather had to interfere. About 5 minutes before they arrived for their hiking adventure, it poured down rain.

Once the rain stopped, I had my camera out to take photos of my little decoy.


I was just a mom with a camera, a stranger being nice, taking their photo on top of Mt. Scott. Then when they were looking at the camera, his plan was to go down on one knee with a fake ring first, since it was April Fool’s Day.

Then after they laughed, he went back down and really proposed. It was an amazingly touching moment to witness, one of my favorite photography moments so far.